Garage Door Openers

Doraz Doors installs the best garage door openers at the best prices.
we will find the opener that is right for you.
chose the options that best fit your needs.

For the least expensive option see our unbelievable special value.   
                                                   other models available ----> 

   WOW !   $350.00

Our most popular and reliable option:

Liftmaster 3265 
1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
Get reliable, steady performance and lifting power with our enhanced 3265 1/2 HP chain drive opener. 

A Little quieter option:

Liftmaster 3280
1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
Smooth-running reliability is what our enhanced 3280 belt drive opener delivers – and it's quiet enough not to wake your guests in the bedroom above the garage.

Our deluxe opener:
Liftmaster 3850
DC Motor Belt Drive
Don't let a power outage lock you out of your garage. Our 3850 belt drive opener is the only professionally installed 3/4 HPS® garage door opener with an EverCharge® Standby Power System. 

See the complete line of Liftmaster Garage Door Openers:

Did you get a new garage door opener as a gift, or get a great deal at one of these stores.
Now you already have a new opener that needs to be installed.  would you like it professionally Installed?

We can do that too!
Basic installation starts at just $125.00
Call Now to set up an Install appointment.
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